How to Find Discord Mods | Top Places to Look in 2024

Last Updated: April 9, 2024
How to find discord mods guide

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Discord is one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers, Web3 investors, businesses, and communities.

With the rise of Discord servers, the need for moderators has become increasingly important. Moderators are essential for maintaining a positive and constructive environment within a Discord server, this is especially true for Web3 communities. They help to enforce rules, mediate disputes, and encourage engagement.

However, finding the right moderators can be challenging, especially for new server owners. This blog post will explore the top places to look for Discord moderators.

Whether you’re starting a new server or looking to expand your team of moderators, this guide will provide you with the best strategies and resources to find the right people for the job.

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But first…

What is a Discord Mod?

Discord moderators play a crucial role in managing a Discord server’s community.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the discussions taking place within the server are positive, productive, and in accordance with the server’s rules and objectives. To achieve this, they perform various tasks, including enforcing server rules, monitoring discussions, and mediating disputes between members.

To enforce server rules, moderators carefully review message content and remove any that violate the server’s guidelines. This includes spam, offensive language, and any content that promotes hate speech or discrimination. They also redirect conversations that are off-topic or inappropriate for the server’s purpose, ensuring that discussions remain relevant and engaging.

In addition to enforcing rules, moderators play a critical role in mediating member disputes. When conflicts arise, moderators carefully review the situation, listen to all parties involved, and work to find a mutually acceptable solution. This often involves facilitating constructive dialogue between members and helping them understand each other’s perspectives.

Discord moderators also play a key role in fostering community engagement. They encourage members to share their thoughts and ideas freely, and create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable participating. This often involves organizing events, promoting discussions, and recognizing members who contribute positively to the community.

Discord moderators are essential for keeping the server’s community engaged, informed, and harmonious. Their work helps to create a positive and productive environment where members feel heard, respected, and valued.

How is a Discord Mod Different From a Discord Community Manager?

Discord Mods work with Community Managers to keep Discord communities operating smoothly.

Typically, the overarching strategy, goals, and brand voice are set by a Community Manager. The Community Manager is often responsible for managing multiple discord mods at once.

Key Skills of Discord Moderators

Here are some skills of a great Discord moderator: 

  • Participating in regular chats and maintaining good relationships with other members. 
  • Capability to diagnose and resolve technical challenges occurring within the Discord server.
  • Ability to de-escalate conflicts and handle sensitive situations diplomatically. 
  • Quick decision-making to address issues promptly and maintain a positive server environment. 
  • Organizing and hosting events, competitions, or discussions to encourage participation and interaction. 
  • Welcoming new members and helping them navigate the server effectively. 
  • Exhibiting responsibility, understanding the rationale behind rules and guidelines and demonstrating the ability to enforce them impartially.

Industries Where Discord Mods Is Popular

Discord mods are a popular option across various industries like: 

  • Gaming: Discord mods keep gaming communities in check and organize events. 
  • Entertainment: Discord moderators manage discussions and maintain positivity in entertainment servers. 
  • Cryptocurrency: Community mods enforce rules and foster discussions in crypto communities. 
  • Fandoms: Discord mods ensure engagement and uphold standards in fan communities. 
  • NFT Creators: Community moderators protect content and support NFT creators. Business and Professional 
  • Esports: Discord moderators oversee communication and maintain a positive gaming atmosphere.

Where Are the Best Places to Find Discord Mods?

Other servers

One of the best places to look for experienced mods is in other servers that you like. From here you can get a first-person view of how a moderator manages their workload.

We recommend finding similar companies to yours, searching through their list of active moderators, and DMing them to see if they are open to additional work.


If you don’t want to manage the process of hiring and then managing a team of Discord moderators, working with an agency might be for you.

Using an agency to find a Discord moderator can streamline the process, ensuring you get a professional and experienced individual tailored to your server’s needs.

Here are steps and considerations for using an agency to find a Discord moderator:

Research Agencies

  • Specialization: Look for agencies specializing in crypto or community management. Some agencies focus on broader recruitment but have specific departments for online community roles.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Research the agency’s reputation. Look for reviews or testimonials from other Discord server owners or community managers who have used their services.
  • Experience with Discord: Ensure the agency has experience placing moderators specifically for Discord. Discord has its unique ecosystem and community culture, which requires specific knowledge and experience.

Engage with the Agency

  • Initial Consultation: Contact the agency for an initial consultation. This is usually a meeting to discuss your needs, the nature of your Discord server, and what you’re looking for in a moderator.
  • Service Scope and Fees: Understand the scope of their services and the fee structure. Some agencies might charge a flat fee, while others might take a percentage of the hired moderator’s earnings for a certain period.
  • Candidate Pool: Inquire about their candidate pool. Some agencies might have a ready pool of vetted moderators you can choose from, which can significantly speed up the process.
  • Selection Process: Discuss how the selection process works. Agencies typically handle the initial screening and may present you with a shortlist of candidates based on your requirements.

Discord Agency Collaboration and Follow-up

  • Interviews and Trials: Even if an agency vets candidates, conduct your own interviews or trial periods to ensure the moderator fits well with your community’s culture and needs.
  • Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop with the agency. If a moderator doesn’t work out, the agency should be willing to help find a replacement based on the feedback provided.
  • Long-term Relationship: Consider building a long-term relationship with the agency for future needs. Having an agency that understands your community and needs over time can make future hires smoother and more successful.

Using an agency can be a more expensive route but offers the benefit of professional screening, a wider pool of candidates, and potentially a quicker hiring process. It’s especially useful if you’re looking for moderators with specific skills or experience levels or if you have a larger server that requires a professional level of moderation.

Ask for a referral

Finding a Discord moderator through a referral involves a few strategic steps. Referrals are a great way to ensure you’re getting someone reliable and experienced.

Here’s a methodical approach to find a Discord mod via referral:

  1. Leverage Your Network: Start by asking within your own Discord server or other social media platforms if anyone knows a good Discord moderator. Word-of-mouth recommendations are often very reliable.
  2. Join Discord Communities: There are numerous Discord communities dedicated to server administration, moderation, and Discord bot development. Join these communities and ask for referrals. Communities related to your server’s theme or purpose are also a good place to start.
  3. Utilize Social Media and Forums: Platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and specialized forums can be excellent places to ask for recommendations. Use hashtags or specific subreddits related to Discord moderation to widen your search.
  4. Attend Virtual Meetups or Conferences: Sometimes, there are online events or webinars focused on community building and moderation. Attendees often have the experience you’re looking for or can direct you to someone who does.
  5. Use Professional Platforms: LinkedIn can be a surprising source to find professional Discord moderators. Look for individuals with experience in community management or moderation. You can also post a job listing detailing your needs.
  6. Discord Bots and Tools: Some Discord bots and server management tools have communities or support servers where you can ask for moderator referrals. This can also help you find individuals familiar with the specific tools you’re using.
  7. Be Clear About Your Needs: Whether you’re posting a request or directly contacting potential referees, be clear about what your server is about, the moderator duties, and any specific skills or experiences you’re looking for. This clarity will help you get more accurate referrals.
  8. Screen and Interview: Once you get referrals, don’t forget to screen and interview candidates to ensure they’re a good fit for your community. Discuss their previous experiences, scenarios they’ve handled, and their approach to moderation.

Remember, finding the right moderator is crucial for the health and success of your Discord server. Taking the time to find someone through referrals can pay off in the long run by ensuring you have a mod who is trusted, skilled, and a good fit for your community’s culture.

Freelance Websites

Upwork and Fiverr are extremely popular places to find moderators who can manage communities on Discord. Upwork makes it easy to find moderators who have experience with managing similar communities by browsing through testimonials and ratings from previous employers.

Additionally, using a site like Upwork allows you to filter your search by price and location to ensure you have constant mod coverage in your server.

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Conclusion: How to choose Discord Mods for your server

When it comes to hiring discord mods, here are some key questions you may want to ask:

  • How much do you charge?
  • What forms of payment are acceptable?
  • Which communities have you moderated previously?
  • Do you have any references?
  • Can you talk about your experience using Discord and tools for keeping things in order? 
  • How will you handle a situation if someone breaks the rules of our server? 
  • How do you handle situations where members disagree with your moderation decisions?
  • What will you add or remove from our server?
  • Can you build a moderating team that is active 24×7? 
  • What suggestions do you have to improve our community? 
  • Why do you think you will make a good DIscord moderator? 
  • What strategies will you use to encourage positive community engagement?

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Discord Moderators FAQ

What do Discord mods do?

Discord mods (or moderators) help manage communities on social platforms like Discord. They keep communities excited and engaged and enforce community rules.

How much do Discord mods cost?

With Discord mods, you get what you pay for. You should expect to pay between $1000 and $3000 per month for moderators with strong experience. If you choose to work with a Discord management agency, you can expect to pay a little more for a more comprehensive plan.

How do Discord moderators get paid?

Discord mods often get paid via a blend of PayPal, Venmo, Upwork, or cryptocurrencies.

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