Top Social Platform for Crypto | 2022 List

Last Updated: May 7, 2022
Top Crypto Social Platforms

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Trying to get into crypto? Here’s the lowdown on the top crypto social platforms you’ll need:


Twitter in crypto is EVERYTHING. Forget Instagram, forget Facebook. Twitter is your new best friend. Everything happening in the crypto world is on Twitter. It’s the fastest way to get your crypto news and it allows you to quickly get the thoughts from the industry’s biggest players. Live by it. Love it.

Here are some of the best crypto accounts to follow on Twitter.

Similarly, if NFTs are your thing, here are the best NFT Twitter accounts.


Telegram is the de facto messaging app for crypto. Think of it as WhatsApp meets iMessage. Its end-to-end encrypted, messages can be deleted, its easy to stay anonymous, and nearly all crypto professionals use it to communicate with each other.


Think slack on steroids. Originally built for gamers, Discord has become the primary channel for online communities in crypto, especially NFTs. Discord makes it easy to set up bots that moderate and cultivate exciting communities.

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