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Last Updated: April 16, 2024
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Earned media PR requires significant effort and expertise. 

Working with trusted earned media agencies helps businesses increase their press-interview opportunities and secure organic press coverage. 

Depending on your niche, you should hire the best earned media companies and services who have established relations with news reporters and journalists. 

Not all online public relations (PR) agencies offer guaranteed exposure from earned media sites. That’s why I have curated this list of online PR agencies just for you. 

The PR agencies I have listed offer the finest digital media relations and crisis communication services to help you secure great press coverage.

What Are Earned Media Agencies?

Earned public relations agencies help secure third-party endorsements from leading media houses. They offer the following best-in-class services:

  • Media planning and placement 
  • Media relations 
  • Content creation 
  • Influencer partnerships 
  • Brand storytelling 
  • Event management 
  • Thought leadership positioning 
  • Community engagement
  • Public relations campaigns 
  • Crisis management 
  • Social media management 
  • Monitoring and measurement

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Why Does Your Business Absolutely Need Earned Media Services?

  • Viral Potential: Earned media has the potential to go viral, reaching a much larger audience than traditional advertising and creating buzz around your brand or product. 
  • Third-party Validation: Earned media provides third-party validation of your brand, as it comes from independent sources such as journalists, influencers, or satisfied customers, reinforcing trust and credibility. 
  • Long-term Impact: Unlike paid advertising, which typically has a short lifespan, earned media coverage has a long-term impact on your brand’s reputation and visibility, as articles and mentions continue to be shared and referenced over time. 
  • Audience Targeting: Earned media allows you to reach specific audience segments through targeted media outlets, publications, or influencers. Persona-specific media platforms cater to your target demographic, ensuring that your message resonates with the right people. 
  • Crisis Management: Brand protection is important in today’s age of business uncertainty. Having strong press coverage and relationships with media professionals, you can attract positive earned media publicity for your company during times of crisis. Proactive media coverage helps brands effectively manage and mitigate negative publicity.

Best Earned Media Companies List For 2024

Here are the best earned public relations agencies that help you craft the right stories to secure exceptional press coverage: 


Coinbound is a leading earned media PR agency with an expertise in helping your brand secure extensive organic media coverage from reputed media publications. 

Their earned media PR management team have contacts at the largest tech publishers, influencers, and media to help modern-age companies secure organic coverage in the shortest possible time. 

Founded: 2018 

Headquarters: New York 


Team Size: 51-200 

CEO: Ty Smith 

Top Specialities

  • Earned Media Goal Identification
  • Target Media Selection
  • Media PR Content Preparation and Storytelling
  • Reputation Management
  • Thought Leadership Building  

Publications Covered

  • TechCrunch
  • Forbes
  • CoinTelegraph
  • Market Watch
  • NewsBTC
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Benzinga
  • Entrepreneur, and more.

Best For: Web3, crypto, and blockchain businesses. 

Why Choose Them? 

  • Their PR team manages the entire earned media selection and publication process to get relevant media coverage from start to finish. 
  • Coinbound selects the best media publications with a significant readership so that your brand can acquire the maximum reach in your budget. 
  • They have been rated as the ‘Best Web3 Marketing Company of 2023’ by the Digital Agency Network. 
  • Their carefully curated list of earned media sites and existing media relations with reporters and journalists helps your brand become a newsmaker and secure organic coverage in leading newspapers and publications.


Clickstrike is one of the top earned media agencies that helps software and tech companies acquire incredible media coverage.

Their earned media PR team have built strong relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure positive news, articles, interviews, and media placements.

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: New York


Team Size: 11-50 

Top Specialities

  • Strategic PR consulting
  • Media Relations
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Thought Leadership Positioning
  • Media Monitoring and Analysis
  • Event Management
  • Crisis Communication

Best For: SaaS companies and brands.

Why Choose Them?

  • They have an extensive team of copywriters to create engaging story angles to acquire positive brand coverage.
  • Besides positive brand story coverage, their team also publishes thought leadership opportunities to expand your company presence.

Red Banyan

Red Banyan is another best-rated media relations consultancy that guarantees different types of public exposure for ambitious brands. 

Their team of PR consultants have many former reporters, so they know what journalists need and how to pitch them. 

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL


Team Size: 11-50 

Top Specialities

  • Earned Media Strategy 
  • Media Relations and Outreach 
  • Crisis Communications 
  • Content Development 
  • Storytelling

Best For: Businesses looking to build and maintain positive relationships with journalists and media outlets.

Why Choose Them?

  • Their storytelling prowess isn’t just about getting attention; it’s about holding it, leaving lasting impressions in the minds of both reporters and readers.
  • They don’t measure success by the number of pitches sent or press releases distributed but by the tangible results they achieve for their clients – results that speak volumes in terms of increased visibility, enhanced credibility, and measurable impact.

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DBS Interactive

DBS Interactive is one of the best earned media companies harnessing their team of industry influencers to amplify brand credibility. 

Through compelling storytelling, strategic influencer relations, SEO optimization, and engaging social media campaigns, DBS Interactive helps tech services gain prime media placements across top-rated news and review sites.

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Louisville, KY


Team Size: 11-50

Top Specialities

  • Earned Media Strategy 
  • New Story Creation 
  • Influencer Relations 
  • Social Media Engagement 
  • Content Development

Best For: B2B, healthcare, manufacturing, and international businesses. 

Why Choose Them?

  • They have unparalleled expertise in leveraging earned media to propel your business forward. 
  • DBS Interactive excels in crafting compelling narratives, cultivating influential relationships, optimizing for search engines, and driving engagement on social media platforms. 

The REIS Group

The Reis Group online PR agency specializes in developing and executing strategic communications plans that maximize earned media impact for clients.

Utilizing their customized story-building model, they identify news pegs, analyze media environments, and gather supporting data to generate stories aligned with clients’ business goals. 

Founded: 2009 

Headquarters: Kingston, NY


Team Size: 51-200

Top Specialities

  • Strategic Earned Media Communications Planning 
  • Storytelling 
  • Press Release Development and Management 
  • Media Relations and Outreach 
  • Spokesperson Message Training 
  • Reporter Meetings and Interview Preparation 
  • Media Audits and List Development 
  • Media Monitoring 
  • Pitch Development 

Best For: Healthcare and medical brands

Why Choose Them?

  • They have helped healthcare companies obtain media placements in leading publications like The Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and The New York Times. 
  • Their PR professionals work as an extension of your team to deliver exceptional measurable results that offer the best ROI on your PR campaigns. 

MediaFirst PR

MediaFirstPR is one of the best earned media PR services that helps your brand achieve third-party endorsement from relevant media outlets and tech blogs. 

They take special care in outreaching journalists and bloggers according to the needs of your PR campaign so that you reach your target audience. 

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Roswell, GA


Team Size: 11-50 

Top Specialities

  • Strategic Messaging and Positioning 
  • Media Relations and Outreach 
  • Thought Leadership Development 
  • Digital-First PR Strategies 
  • Long-Term PR Campaigns 
  • Measurement and Forecasting

Best For: Technology companies looking for top-notch coverage of their products or services. 

Why Choose Them?

  • They adopt a digital-first approach towards media outlets, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. 
  • MediaFirst PR works closely with clients to understand their goals and crafts people-first PR strategies aiming to generate awareness, interest, and ultimately, business growth. 
  • They document messaging, prepare press kits, and facilitate press interviews to keep clients engaged with the media.

How to Select The Best PR Agency For Maximum Earned Media Influence

Selecting the right media relations agency is crucial to get the right earned media coverage. Here are some tips to get you covered:

Relationships With Journalists and Access to Media Outlets

Specialist earned media PR companies should have rapport with journalists and should have an exhaustive database of media contacts across various industries and outlets.

For successful earned media news coverage, you should choose PR firms that have experience  handling brand PR and not just traditional news. 

They should have access to hundreds or thousands of media outlets to publish relevant press releases whenever required. 

Team of Expert Copywriters and Brand Story Creators

Earned media experts should create the right opportunities for your brand to get the desired press coverage. 

They should have a team of expert copywriters to create value-driven and survey-based stories most likely to be covered by reputed journalists and reporters. 

Their content team should be able to develop content that supports clients’ communications goals and business objectives.

Proactive Reporting and Earned Media Value (EMV) Calculation

Earned media value offers insights into the potential financial returns from positive mentions across digital and offline media platforms. 

By calculating EMV, brands gain clarity on the effectiveness of their marketing endeavors, enabling informed decision-making. 

PR firms should evaluate the efficacy of public relations and earned media efforts in shaping brand perception and awareness. Regular reporting and EMV calculation helps businesses determine the amount of money a brand can expect to earn as profits from positive PR.

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Earned media is one of the best channels for B2B companies and enterprises to boost their reputations by featuring their brand on reputable news and media outlets. ​

It is ideal to select an agency that has knowledge of the current trends in the media landscape and has strong relationships with journalists. 

Selecting a media PR company is not a hard thing when you have the right options. Follow this article to shortlist your options for selecting the right earned media company with the finest media relations capabilities.

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