13 Top Newsletters like Marketing Brew

Newsletters are informative yet engaging. They promote ideas and services primarily via email. For a newsletter to be exceptional, it should be relevant to the reader’s topic of interest and educate them by providing accurate information in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner. And Marketing Brew ticks all the boxes. Thus, it is one of the top marketing newsletters, with millions of readers.

That said, Marketing Brew is not the only excellent newsletter available. There are many top ones, such as MarTech, Weekly Revenue, and many more.

Before going into details about the leading marketing newsletters, let’s explore what’s unique about Marketing Brew. 

Marketing Brew: A Leading Newsletter

Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is an in-demand email newsletter. This newsletter contains in-depth information on the advertising and marketing field. It is a subset of the popular business newsletter, Morning Brew, which operates regularly. 

Marketing Brew covers noteworthy news and insights, ranging from social media trends to controversial marketing news and advertising campaigns. Recently, it has crossed four million subscribers and generates about $50 million in revenue per year.

13 Top Newsletters like Marketing Brew

The Mention Memo

One of the most prominent newsletters in 2022 is the Mention Memo. It is an appealing and insightful newsletter that provides information on trending social media marketing topics. It offers free practical resources with influential tips and tricks to help you modify your advertising and marketing strategies. 


Ariyh is a free weekly newsletter that provides evidential marketing tips and tricks worth trying. What makes Ariyh special is its casual format.

This provides you with well-researched information directly from the world’s top business institutions. It explains detailed information on related topics and educates the reader in less than 3 minutes.

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Geekout Newsletter by Matt Navarra

An ultimate social media newsletter, Geekout summaries every current information you need to know. It is a weekly newsletter that you can get absolutely free.

Geekout will help you learn more about community and social media management. It provides you with information on new features, tips, tricks, news, and insider information.

Please Advise

Please Advise is a well-designed, daily marketing newsletter run by a team of Top Hat. It is one of the best newsletters, providing valuable information and insights on design, key performance indicators (KPI), and others. The best thing about it is that you can get all the information with a single swipe. 

The Hustle

The Hustle

The Hustle, found by Sam Parr, is another daily newsletter curated specially for a millennial audience. It provides topics in a regular conversational tone, mostly casual stories that attract millennials from all over the planet. It is definitely a trusted source that provides insights into the latest in startups, business, and technology.

TL;DR Marketing

It is a package of engaging stories about science, technology, and marketing.

A daily go-to newsletter on a mini-website with modest styles and designs, TL;DR provides the latest updates on social media, paid media marketing, SEO, and more. It is a highly recommended newsletter for digital marketers and technology enthusiasts.

The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage is a full-service newsletter delivering you the best marketing management content every day. It provides you with specialized content on browser development and designing for mobile and desktop platforms.

Search Engine Journal Newsletter


Search Engine Journal is a successful digital marketing newsletter. It gives you access to the latest advertising and marketing management news to help you always stay on top.

You can subscribe to it for daily or weekly updates on pay-per-click (PPC), social media, SEO, and content marketing (with excellent marketing strategies).

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Revenue Weekly

Revenue Weekly is a digital marketing newsletter that delivers twice a month. It provides helpful insights on advertising and marketing topics directly to your inbox.

Each mail takes you through specific marketing areas, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to website development.

Marketing Manager Insider

This newsletter gives you in-depth information on the top monthly digital marketing articles on related topics. You can get multiple interest-based articles.

All the pieces show an estimated reading time to help you prioritize them based on your requirements and receive them directly in your inbox.

MarTech’s Newsletter

MarTech provides the latest news and analysis on business and technology every weekday. It contains resources that help you make necessary changes and modifications in tech management and marketing.

It summarizes must-read news for marketers around the web, a wrap-up of the latest information and insights, and more.

Daily Dive

This marketing source covers everything from mobile to social media to advertising. It is a weekly email newsletter that helps you keep up with everything occurring in the business field.

It has subsets like Agency Weekly and Mobile weekly that keeps you updated on topics like company culture apps and gaming, respectively.

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Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is well known for finding trends before they become mainstream. They have back-end technology sources that help create content strategies on fascinating topics.

They sort the best ones out and send them to you in weekly emails with additional information.

Final Words

Subscribe to the top newsletters like Marketing Brew to get information on marketing, advertising, technology, and many more in your inbox directly.

Get highly researched articles in your mail regularly. This will save your energy and time. By doing so, the info of your interest comes right to you instead of spending hours on the web to seek tips and insights.

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