Top Cryptocurrency Ad Networks

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a fad propped up by tech nerds and financial doomsdayers; they’ve become a whole new financial class by themselves and Blockchain technology is all the rage as we move into a new decade.

And whether it’s a mining collective, a crypto exchange, an ICO with a specific use case or plain old affiliate marketing, a pandora’s box of opportunities has opened up for businesses, and people, focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

However, a massive stumbling block has been placed in front of this nascent industry, and this concerns the advertising and marketing of the said crypto/blockchain businesses. 

Ad Network Woes

Traditional ad networks and social media giants like google, facebook et al have either outright banned any type of advertising/marketing material relating to crypto, or have placed unreasonable conditions such as requiring a license from a governmental authority. 

Their policies could change overnight without any intimation as well, such as YouTube banning cryptocurrency channels, or Facebook’s constant run-ins with blockchain ads.                                                                           

And even if you somehow do find a way to run crypto ads, you’ll be restricted in a variety of ways that would severely impact the success and reach of your campaigns. For instance, 

  • Everything is dependent on whims and fancies of the network, and its changing policies towards crypto. 
  • Little to no targeting options on the audience you seek to engage
  • Requirement to share a lot of personal information, from bank accounts to even KYC details
  • Campaigns will be put under stricter scrutiny, and go through a longer review period
  • Restrictions on the type of payment methods you can employ
  • Limited number/type of websites where you can advertise

Furthermore, as the technology keeps evolving, it is imperative for businesses in the sector to keep pace and grow along with it. This is why it’s become vital for advertisers, and publishers, to seek out alternatives. 

The need for top cryptocurrency ad networks

Cryptocurrency ad networks are niche online advertising platforms connecting advertisers and publishers who share a common objective of promoting cryptocurrency marketing campaigns. Like with any other ad network, publishers offer their ad space and advertisers pay to use that. Crypto ad networks offer a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Connecting only advertisers and publishers from the Crypto sphere. 
  • Multiple ad options like native advertising, banner ads, press releases and more          
  • Targeted audience of a younger generation and people already interested in crypto 
  • Requirement of little to no personal information
  • Quicker campaign approval process for those overnight campaigns
  • Pre-designed crypto banners
  • Dedicated customer support agents
  • Cryptocurrency payment methods

So with all that said, here are the top Cryptocurrency ad networks in the field right now. 


One of the newer ad networks which has quickly become a fan favorite, Coinzilla was founded in 2016 and has strict rules regarding the quality of websites and content used in its network. It currently promotes over 200 brands with 500 publishers in its ranks. 

  • Multiple advertising options such as native, CPM, pop-up/under, etc
  • Only high-quality websites, older than 3 months, with optimal site speed and Alexa rankings
  • Strict adherence to rules on ads, with instant bans to faucets, giveaways, false promises, etc
  • Allows casinos, ICOs, exchange promotions, affiliates, etc


While Coinbound’s ad network is one of the newer entrants in the field, the company backing it is a renowned name in the crypto marketing world. With a high capital investment into its ad platform, Coinbound offers top-notch services with a focus on geo-targeting and one of the lowest CPM of all networks.

  • Geo targeting of audience with specific interests, and other demographic data
  • Multiple display ad options
  • Connecting only high-quality publishers, and advertisers in the crypto industry
  • Free crypto banner Ad designs by the award-winning in-house design team
  • Lowest CPM in the industry with high conversion rates
  • Ability to target audience for specific sites and pages
  • 24/7 support


One of the oldest and most user-friendly ad platforms, A-Ads has been in the field since 2011 with supporters raving about its plug and play simplicity, and account anonymity. 

Advertisers have the option of budgeting their campaigns on a daily basis. Targeting options include geolocation, site categories and desired traffic quality 

  • Create campaigns within minutes, using just your BTC address
  • Quick campaign approvals, sometimes within 15 minutes
  • Easily embeddable ads, without JavaScript, cookies or flash
  • Detailed and reliable analytics
  • Automatic pay-outs in crypto

Ad Shares

No list would be complete without a decentralized option, and that is exactly where Ad Shares scores over the other ad networks. Taking away the middleman, Ad shares connects advertisers and publishers directly to offer a transparent, cost-effective and censorship-resistant ad platform. 

  • Open ecosystem with very low fees
  • Decentralised Ad servers and delivery
  • ADS blockchain capable of managing global advertising industry and instantaneous micropayments
  • Payouts in ADS coins
  • Censorship resistant, with publisher retaining full control on what to display on their website
  • Suited for both big and smaller players due to low barriers of entry, yet safe and reliable network


A bitcoin ad network with over 4000 crypto-related websites in its kitty, it brings in over 40 million daily impressions, with manual approval of all it’s publishers to maintain the quality of its network, and offer strong ROI for the advertisers.

They provide a number of targeting options including Geo, device, timing, and frequency; although their ad options are limited to banners ads and texts (note: you can use dynamic images and gifs)

Their ad models have minimum bids of 0.0000205 BTC for CPC and 0.000025 for CPM models, with the former being recommended for the highest conversion rates.

Other Honourable mentions

  • Cointraffic
  • Ad Dragon
  • Coin Ads
  • Mellow Ads
  • Token Ad
  • Propeller Ads

While we acknowledge that there are more cryptocurrency ad networks offering great value to the community, we just couldn’t list them all here. 

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