Top Metaverse Influencers You Should Know | Full 2022 List

Last Updated: May 3, 2023

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On Chain Gaming

On-Chain Gaming is easily one of the informative and enjoyable NFT gaming-centric channels on YouTube. Run by Jake Browatzke, On-Chain Gaming previews upcoming exciting games in the NFT space like Illuvium or Mirandus. It also provides instructional guides to current popular NFT games like Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

Browatzke previously ran an extremely successful non-crypto YouTube channel that has racked up millions of views. Jake Browatzke (On-Chain Gaming) has 125k followers on YouTube, 17.7k followers on Twitter, and over 6k followers on Instagram. Jake has an even more impressive 825k subscribers on his separate YouTube channel, Jake’s Top Ten.

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A crypto gaming channel that was created all the way back in 2017, Crypto Stache regularly uploads videos on NFT gaming and metaverse news. Crypto Stache was founded by early NFT and crypto investor Shea Newkirk. Crypto Stache’s top videos include how to generate huge profits through flipping virtual land, and which metaverse projects are set to explode in 2022.

If you are interested in learning more about the NFT gaming space, Crypto Stache is the perfect entry point. Cryptostache has 93.9k subscribers on YouTube and 66.1k subscribers on Twitter. Crypto Stache also regularly live-streams himself playing NFT games to his audience on Twitch.

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Ty Smith

Ty Smith is the Founder and CEO of Coinbound, the leading metaverse and Web3 marketing agency. They’ve represented huge brands like MetaMask and Voyager and Ty’s Twitter account is full of great metaverse-related content.

Coin Bureau

Boasting nearly two million subscribers on YouTube, Coin Bureau is one of the biggest crypto channels on the entire platform. Coin Bureau’s videos include breakdowns of the top metaverse projects in the crypto space, such as SAND or MANA. Coin Bureau also breaks down the latest news in the metaverse and educates their audience about the latest Web 3.0 technological concepts. Coin Bureau boasts over 138k subscribers on Instagram and 630k followers on Twitter.

Coin Bureau also has an exclusive telegram channel in which community members can directly communicate with the team. Coin Bureau has been an entry point for millions of people who are interested in crypto and NFTs.

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Bryan Ross

BryanRossWins is one of the most popular DeFi accounts on TikTok. BryanRossWins boasts 151.7k followers on TikTok and 1.7M likes. BryanRossWins content on TikTok includes educational guides regarding the DeFi space, the latest metaverse news and developments, and crypto-related memes and humor. BryanRossWins regularly hosts contests and giveaways to his followers on social media, and provides marketing consulting services for other DeFi/crypto startups. Bryan Ross also has 22.4k followers on Instagram, 2k followers on YouTube, and 5k followers on Twitter. Bryan Ross is quickly becoming one of the most trusted voices in the crypto/DeFi community.

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Altcoin Buzz

AltCoin Buzz boasts 368k subscribers on YouTube, 29.7k followers on Instagram, and over 136k followers on Twitter. AltCoin’s content covers upcoming altcoins and exciting upcoming projects in the cryptocurrency space. It also covers daily NFT and metaverses news, and weekly technical analysis of the top cryptocurrencies as well. One of AltCoin Buzz’s most popular videos covers the differences between the two biggest metaverse NFT projects, The Sandbox and Decentraland. Altcoin Buzz has also produced videos outlining the ways that you can stake metaverse tokens and make profits off of virtual lands. Altcoin is extremely active on social media, and uploads multiple videos a day on YouTube.


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Meet Kevin 

Kevin Paffrath has 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, 142k Instagram followers, and 242k Twitter followers. Paffrath is a crypto enthusiast and financial analyst who often gives guides on how to generate a passive income over time or make money via real estate. In addition to giving financial advice, Paffrath has frequently discussed NFTs and the metaverse on social media. He is extremely bullish in regards to the metaverse, and in one of his viral videos he announced that he had invested over $2 million into metaverse stocks. He has also talked about The Sandbox, which is currently one of the largest NFT metaverse projects.

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Cameron Fous 

As a day trader with seventeen years of experience, Cameron Fous often makes videos detailing his experiences as a day trader, as well as news in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Fous has made many videos in the NFT gaming and play-to-earn space, and is bullish on the metaverse. Before Fous began making videos on crypto and NFTs, Fous’ videos showcased his wealthy lifestyle as a successful day trader. Fous has masterfully used his social media presence as an educational platform to help his audience generate wealth and become successful. Fous has 432k subscribers on YouTube, 141k on Instagram, and 77k followers on Twitter

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Humphrey Yang 

Humphrey Yang is a former financial advisor who has previously worked on monetizing some of the top mobile games in iOS/Android history. Yang also has started multiple businesses that have generated seven-figures worth of sales. Yang has over 570k subscribers on YouTube and 467k followers on Instagram. Yang has made multiple videos breaking down what the metaverse is to his audience, and how they can invest into and profit from early metaverse projects and companies. In addition to making crypto and metaverse-related content, Yang has made helpful guides on YouTube and how you can easily earn a passive income, and what are the best potential side hustles for extra income. 

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NFT Verse

NFT Verse provides news and updates regarding the NFT space, as well as market analysis and educational guides for NFT enthusiasts. NFT Verse has many multiple videos on the major NFT metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland, as well as upcoming play-to-earn games in the NFT gaming space. NFT Verse’s most popular YouTube videos discuss land opportunities in NFT metaverses, as well as ways to generate revenue in the metaverse. NFT Verse has 124k subscribers on YouTube, 84.7k followers on Instagram, and 56.8k followers on Twitter. NFT Verse is quite possibly the most prolific NFT-related news source on any social media platform.

YouTube player

Paul Barron

Paul Baron is an award-winning journalist, futurist, and author. In addition to discussing crypto news and analysis, Barron often makes videos that cover topics such as electric vehicles, AI, robotics, and consumer technology. Barron also hosts interviews with leading experts in the technological space. Some of the people interviewed include the team behind the NFT play-to-earn game Guild of Guardians, as well as the NFT metaverse The Sandbox. Barron’s interest in the NFT space has served as a great entry point for many technological enthusiasts. Barron has 313k subscribers on YouTube and 145.4k followers on Twitter. Barron’s podcast, Tech Path Crypto, is available on both Spotify and YouTube.

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