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Press kit examples show how media kits can enhance your brand and communicate your media to the media and potential clients

Media kits are a great way to show that a company or organization is professional and takes media relations seriously. 

These kits provide all critical information and materials a journalist or reporter needs – in one place – to make it easy for them to know which topics or companies to write about next, and so forth. 

So let’s dig into more about Media Kits and how they can boost your company’s brand. 

What’s a Media Kit?

A media kit is a bunch of materials and information used to promote an organization, company, or product to the media. This information typically includes company or product overviews and images, press releases, knowledge of key industry people, and more. 

The main idea of having a media kit is to give reporters and journalists all they need to crack on with writing stories for the media hassle-free. By having a media kit, such professionals can know which company/product to focus on next, alongside the news/review necessary. 

Benefits of a Media Kit 

A well-designed media kit is advantageous for increasing visibility and credibility for a company or product, helping journalists build better relationships with people outside of their organization due to being more organized, therefore, reliable and professional. Of course, this then leads to increased sales and brand awareness. 

Moreover, a media kit helps establish credibility for a product or company due to issuing third-party validation through press coverage. 

They are also a great way to reach multiple media outlets and publications without breaking the bank. 

Examples of Top-Notch Media Kits 

The best examples of media kits are ones that provide clarity on the services they offer, highlight different options, including pricing and offerings, discuss the value they can provide, communicate their value, look good, leave the audience wanting to know more, and provide clear and easy next steps to those interested. 

Here are some examples of media kits that tick achieves just that: 

NFT Lately

NFT Lately

NFT Lately’s media kit is a fantastic example of a company that creates it correctly. The team behind NFT Lately updates the media kit each quarter of the year, explaining to readers its target audience and who it helps achieve its marketing goals, digs into how the company boosts subscribers and discusses sponsorship opportunities. Therefore, answer all common questions to save time and give all relevant information to those interested in the publication. 

Moreover, the media kit highlights a price list for sponsorships alongside the benefits of client articles, press releases, and social media shoutouts, including Twitter Spaces (which are becoming increasingly popular in the Web3 realm). 



Cointelegraph, like NFT Lately, is another excellent example of a crypto news website with a valuable media kit

This publication’s media kit first dives into all things Cointelegraph before representing statics about how many website visitors, newsletter followers, and mobile app downloads it has. More clients will likely want to promote their company on the website by supplying such information. 

The kit then delves into how many countries it supports and what it has to offer, such as articles, use cases, market analysis, branded sections, press releases, YouTube channels, social media, and so forth. 

ConsenSys Mesh

ConsenSys Mesh

ConseSys Mesh is an accelerator, investor, and incubator of blockchain technology solutions. The company’s goal is to be the champion of global adoption and awareness of groundbreaking Web3 technologies. 

To meet such objectives, the company has its very own media kit that provides an overview of the company and how it’s different from ConsenSys, who to contact for events and speaking purposes, and ways to access brand guidelines and promotional purposes. 

Although the media kit doesn’t require loads of information, it directs those interested in promotional purposes where to go for the necessary information and is straight to the point. 

Aleph Zero 

Alpha Zero

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 blockchain company that uses a new consensus protocol called AlephBFT, which has been peer-reviewed. In addition, it utilizes a DAG architecture as an intermediary data structure for faster finality. Although, it is essential to note that it is still a blockchain, not a DAG protocol.

Like many other Web3 companies, Aleph Zero has its own media kit. Firstly, it discusses the company in detail before highlighting how many team members and customers it has on board. However, unlike other media kits, it has a list of all essential media publications the company has been included in via a timeline – an excellent way for outsiders to view the progress of the company and its new products. 

Moreover, the company then highlights its brand’s assets before highlighting all investors and partners and finishing the media kit with a call-to-action button for contacting a team member behind PR. 

Crypto Adventure 

Crypto Adventure

Last but not least, Crypto Adventure is a fantastic example of a successful media kit. Its kit includes all essential information of the company to reel in clients, including a well-represented chart of its user base and where clients are typically based around the globe. 

Moreover, it highlights all of the big brands it has partnered with before digging into the different media packages it includes, such as unique reviews, articles, social media posts, and more. 

Rather than beating around the bush, it also supplies the costs of the media pack, so people can decide whether or not they are interested and if it’s affordable before contacting a team member. 

The Final Say – Boost Your Brand 

Each media pack mentioned above brings something different to the table. NFT Lately, Cointelegraph, and Crypto Adventure are all media publications, therefore, highlight ways clients can best benefit from their services if promoted on their websites, social media channels, press releases, etc. 

Aleph Zero, on the other hand, presents users with media information about the company and discusses its partners, how many viewers it has, etc., to show outsiders that it is a reputable company – what it has achieved and what it has to offer. 

Media packs are beneficial for different purposes depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. 
If you need help creating a media pack best, be sure to reach out to us at Coinbound. A team member can help you identify what it is that your company needs before helping you create the most suitable marketing materials – including a media pack – to boost your brand.

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