Traditional Digital Marketing Plans vs. Crypto Digital Marketing Plans

Crypto digital marketing plans are much different than traditional marketing plans, focusing on and community and trust rather than leads and sales 

From innovative transactions to creating Web3 platforms, blockchain has changed the scope of how firms perform marketing structures. 

In this article, we will study the differences between blockchain marketing and traditional marketing to help you reach the highest heights when launching your next Web3 campaign.

Remember, it’s essential not to get tied into the conventional ways of marketing. 

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Crypto Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing – Key Differences

Interestingly, Web3 has a much more dynamic form of marketing than traditional due to numerous new trends and tactics emerging as the industry expands.

However, it’s not primarily expansion that sets the two sectors apart. Rather, unlike traditional marketing, blockchain marketing focuses on the following:

  • Numerous different social channels (Discord, Telegram, etc.)
  • Focuses on building trust via community incentives and feedback
  • Being dynamic (unlike digital marketing, which is typically fixed) 
  • Longevity rather than short digital marketing campaigns 
  • And more. 

So, let’s dig into these differences to understand the differences between crypto and traditional marketing. 

Social Channels 

Although high-profile social platforms like Facebook are great for marketing and ads, they began to crack down on ICOs, which led to blockchain markets looking for new avenues to advertise. 

Following this, the social channels Discord, Reddit, and Telegram became trendy hubs for marketing all things crypto, alongside Twitter, where you can find many new Web3 projects, links to giveaway NFTs, and more. 

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A Large Focus on Community Incentives

Despite the blockchain’s lousy reputation regarding scams and hacks, much of the network builds on community incentives and trust.

Traditional marketing agencies focus on new leads for a business, whereas blockchain firms seek to ensure their community trusts their brands and often ask for help and advice. 

Many Web3 companies build the trust of their customers by creating free educational content around the blockchain to help audiences learn about the industry and what their project has to offer before directly selling them the product (like most traditional firms). 

This free marketing works well with social sites, which many firms also turn to for posting about pressing topics, news, etc., to educate their community further. 

The Freedom of Blockchain Marketing 

Blockchain marketing is a new style of marketing. Therefore, it is constantly changing pathways and needs to be set in stone like many traditional marketing firms. One of the critical advantages of blockchain marketing is that it is spontaneous and creative in ways like never before. 

As mentioned above, Web3 marketing emphasizes community thoughts and trust rather than selling the product itself. Consequently, as long as the product has an active community, the likelihood of the value of its crypto token or product itself going up in value is high. 

The beauty of blockchain is that many companies have the freedom to pave their pathways to success, with creativity being limitless. In addition, many Web3 firms donate a generous amount of proceeds to charitable organizations and those in need. 

Playing the Long Game 

Instead of focusing on short campaigns like traditional marketing firms, Web3 companies typically focus on longevity marketing campaigns, running them for many months longer than usual. 

As blockchain marketing boosts brand awareness and trust, their efforts mainly focus on content marketing, which you can find on Web3-related news sites, like NFT Lately. Once more published work regarding a product is noticed, it becomes more familiar and desirable in the Web3 community. 

Consequently, SEO (search engine optimization) is significant for Web3 firms to best market their products online. A high position in Google ranking can give products the recognition and trust it deserves. 

If you need clarification on SEO, be sure to reach out to us, and we can get one of our team members to hand-pick the best SEO strategies to help boost your company. 

Once SEO is up and running and establishing company trust, investments will trickle in within a few months. 

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Final Tips – Critical Differences of Web3 and Traditional Marketing to Consider

Digital marketing most certainly lacks a level of creativity and trust when compared to Web3 marketing. Nevertheless, Web3 marketing is still much more “go with the flow”, implementing new strategies as time flies by. 

One of the key aspects of blockchain marketing is that it wants its customers to be satisfied without solely focusing on leads and sales, like traditional firms. 

To best market on the blockchain, create attractive-looking accounts on all of the above social channels mentioned and make sure your community is a big part of project changes and goals. 
If you need assistance to boost your Web3 business, be sure to reach out to us at Coinbound. We can help you create the most valuable social accounts and get you in touch with top industry professionals and community members to bring your blockchain product to the forefront of its mission.

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