Top NFT Influencers on Twitter | NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2022

Last Updated: May 1, 2024
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If you’re into NFTs, you most likely spend a ton of time on Twitter. But who are the best NFT Twitter influencers to follow? In this guide, we will break down all of the top NFT accounts you should follow if you want to stay involved in the NFT Twitter scene.

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter You Need To Follow

Gary Vee

Gary Vee is the master of social media and his presence on Twitter is unmatched. Since 2021, he has spent significant time discussing NFTs and Web3 and even go so far as to launch one of the most successful NFT collections, Vee Friends.

Follow Gary Vee on Twitter

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is a well-known entrepreneur in the NFT scene. He is the CEO of two companies, Coinbound, the leading marketing agency for Web3, crypto, and NFT companies and NFT Lately, a super cool NFT media company with one of the world’s most popular NFT newsletters.

If you want to follow NFT Twitter influencers, you need to follow Ty Smith.

Follow Ty Smith on Twitter

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NFT Lately

Ty Smith’s NFT Lately is one of the most well-known media companies in the NFT world. Their Twitter account is one of the best accounts in the world for keeping up on NFT news.

Follow NFT Lately on Twitter


When Clubhouse exploded, Faroukh was one of the first influencers to hop on the NFT scene and help build out the NFT community on the app. When clubhouse began dying out in favor of Twitter spaces, Faroukh migrated his audience to Twitter. He has an incredibly strong NFT audience on Twitter making him one of the top NFT influencers on Twitter.

Follow Faroukh on Twitter


Few NFT account puts as much effort into their content as NFT God. He posts several threads per week outlining his ideas on NFTs, growing a Twitter following, and other life-related thoughts that we find super interesting.

Follow NFT God on Twitter


Beeple is one of the most well-known NFT artists in existence and he spends a great amount of time on Twitter. Since, selling one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold, Beeple has been an account to follow.

Follow Beeple on Twitter


Like Beeple, Pak is an incredibly well known NFT artist. His Twitter account posts frequent updates about his upcoming drops as well as his opinion on updates in the art-side of the NFT industry.

Follow Pak on Twitter

Matt Medved

Matt Medved is one of the Founders of NFT Now, a leading NFT media company. He frequently posts NFT news and updates and is of the more influential NFT Twitter accounts online.

Follow Matt Medved on Twitter


As one of the biggest NFT whales, Seedphrase is a very interesting and exciting NFT Twitter influencer. He has been responsible or involved in some the NFT world’s biggest NFT sales.

Follow Seedphrase on Twitter

Cozomo de’ Medici

Medici boasts himself as a “Grand Partron of the digital arts”. He is a regular collector of expensive NFTs and his account frequently includes really insightful thoughts on the NFT space.

Follow Cozomo de’ Medici on Twitter

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