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Marketing has evolved significantly over recent years. With this, online communities have become more important than ever before. The new generation of marketers needs to be watching upcoming popular channels to best understand where their audience is spending time. For many, Discord has become super highly used among young and web3-focused audiences. However, managing a Discord server isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort. The type of time and effort that many teams don’t have. Because of this, many teams prefer to outsource their Discord management and moderation to an experienced Discord management firm.

In this guide, we will explain and review all of the best picks for a Discord management agency.

But first…

What is a Discord Management Agency?

A Discord management agency is a marketing agency that specializes in helping clients manage, moderate, and grow their online communities on Discord. Discord management agencies help create Discord community strategy, coordinate frequent community-building events, and manage a team of Discord mods to help implement the strategy.

Discord management agencies are especially popular in the Web3 industry, as nearly all crypto-focused companies look to have a strong Discord presence.

Discord management agencies are also known as community management agencies. However community management agencies typically also manage other online communities like Telegram.

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Since 2018, Coinbound has largely been considered the leader when it comes to Discord management agencies. The team has helped grow some incredible companies like MetaMask, Cosmos, Nexo, Voyager, eToro, and more. Coinbound has also been known to boost clients’ Discord membership by thousands every month. If you have joined a Coinbound-managed Discord server you probably have experienced how exciting they can be.

Coinbound also hosts the most popular podcast on Web3 marketing, Crypto Marketing with Ty Smith.

Past Clients:

  • MetaMask
  • eToro
  • Cosmos
  • Tron
  • WilderWorld
  • NFL
  • ImmutableX
  • Gala Games


Amazix is a Web3 Discord marketing company based in Hong Kong that offers among other things, Discord community management. Other services offered include link building, ICO strategy advising, crypto coin listings, and influencer outreach.

Past Clients:

  • Bancor
  • Waves Duck
  • Jur


CrowdCreate Screenshot

CrowdCreate is a discord management agency that services the real estate, tech, and blockchain industries. They are split between the US and the Philippines and have 2 years of experience with Discord community management.

They have a Phillipines-based moderation and management team that is more affordable than most other options.

Past Clients:

  • Star Atlas
  • Jam City
  • Renault
  • Lenovo

X10 Agency

X10 Agency is a Russia-based team that specializes in blockchain and crypto marketing. Their team is experienced with growing and managing Telegram and Discord communities. However, they don’t seem to have been able to capture any leading accounts. That said, they do offer Discord management as a service and are a somewhat-known agency in the Web3 space.

Past Clients:

  • Bored AI
  • TimeCoin Protocol
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