8 Crypto Traders You Must Follow | 2023 List

With cryptocurrencies achieving trillion-dollar market capitalization and going mainstream, everyone wants to be a part of the crazy action that takes place in the world of crypto. For traders who are new to crypto, there are eight crypto traders to follow in 2023.

Twitter is a good way to get a daily dose of the latest developments in the market, hidden alpha, and tons of fun. And for anyone interested in trading coins, Crypto Twitter (CT) is still a great venture to get market analysis. 

All kinds of information and relevant updates are available on Crypto Twitter that new crypto traders can use for their trading benefit. But of course, with all of this available for free, it is critical to separate good from the poor or even fraudulent content. 

Today, we’ll share some of the best crypto traders everyone must follow to find the gems out of the sea of shills. 

1. Smart Contractor

This trader has over 200k followers on Twitter. He regularly shares his views and charts for all kinds of coins. Smart Contractor is particularly known for his bottom call for Bitcoin in 2018 at $3.2k that, too, six months in advance. This call is his pinned tweet too, and for a good reason.

Besides, he doesn’t advertise a paid group or crypto signals service. Also, he isn’t active on Telegram or YouTube either, and only gives out all his advice, tips, and educational material for free. So, he is one of the most genuine crypto traders to follow.

2. Pentoshi

Pentoshi is another famous trader on CT who constantly shares charts on Twitter for his nearly 533k followers. Early in 2021, Pentoshi predicted that the Bitcoin top would be at about $64k. He isn’t active on Telegram or Youtube either. 

3. CryptoCred

CryptoCred is a technical trader and an independent crypto educator who has amassed a following of 454k users.

He shares all his content, including daily market analysis and trading tips, across several platforms, including Twitter and Telegram, for free. His technical analysis consists of 14 lessons and several study guides that he constantly expands.

CryptoCred also runs a YouTube channel called Technical Roundup, where market updates are shared on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

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4. DonAlt

Market commentary and technical analysis are the types of content that DonAlt shares with his 392k followers on Twitter.

He has a strict no-promotion policy and is the co-host of the YouTube channel Technical Roundup with CryptoCred. 

5. Ansem

For anyone who is looking for some quality crypto content, Ansem is another excellent follow. Already, 111.5k Twitter users are consuming his daily content. Besides, he also has a newsletter where he makes quarterly market predictions. 

6. Bagsy

For high-quality views on altcoins sprinkled with memes, crypto enthusiasts can join 202k other followers of Bagsy. Interestingly, he also runs live streams regularly so that his followers can understand the trading setups in more detail.

Last year he released a free educational portal for crypto users to help them learn about the best resources and practices to follow. 

7. Crypto Kaleo 

Boasting 476k followers on Twitter, Kaleo constantly shares insights into not only the rapidly advancing cryptocurrency market but also stocks with charts. He is also the co-founder of the NFT project LedgerArt.

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8. Avi Felman

While not a trader, Avi Felman shares regular commentary on both the cryptocurrency and macro markets.

With crypto not being a niche market anymore, it is crucial that a trader should have some idea of what’s going on outside the crypto bubble to position themselves better. 

Final Word

All of the accounts shared above share absolutely free content with their followers so that newbies can learn and get better with their trading. They also provide educational content to help develop their follower’s own trading methods.

When interacting with these traders, beware of imposters who invite gullible users to telegram groups or attempt to DM them. Check the handles carefully, and never send money or wallet seed phrases to anyone who messages online. 

Instead of blindly following anyone’s trade, make sure to understand the reasons behind the views and positioning to build separate market views and hold investments with conviction. 

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